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The company SLOVAKIA TAX s.r.o. (Ltd.) was established as a specialized subsidiary company of the company SLOVAKIA OFFICE SE. The purpose of the constitution of the company SLOVAKIA TAX s.r.o. was to extend the services related with the sale of ready made companies, the constitution of new companies and with provision of a virtual office for companies and services related with processing of single entry accounting and double entry accounting, salary administration, personal consulting. SLOVAKIA TAX s.r.o. is providing services for domestic and foreign business subjects carrying business in Slovak republic.

The goal of SLOVAKIA TAX s.r.o.’s co-operators is the provision of a complex service related with accounting and human resources for domestic and foreign clients for adequate prices.

SLOVAKIA TAX s.r.o. offers to its clients a support by solution of problems related with their business activities. Consultation in cases of doubtfulness in areas related with accounting, personal agenda and human resources is a certainty. We optimalize your tax liability and eliminate the risk of sanctions in compliance with valid legal acts. The advantage of the SLOVAKIA TAX s.r.o.’s team of professional accountants is the continual education and more then 10 years of experience.

The outputs from accountancy, personal and salary consulting are provided by SLOVAKIA TAX s.r.o. in Slovak, English and German language. The risks related with the provision of the accounting services are covered by an insurance agreement to the amount of 50.000,- EUR.

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SLOVAKIA TAX s.r.o. (Ltd.)
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